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Welcome to Star Wars: Knights of Darkness!

sNOTICE: Star Wars: Knights of Darkness is now a legacy game.

There is no longer immortal support in play for KoD. All current development efforts are toward KoD's new rebirth, Star Wars: Infinity Forgotten. For more information and to follow development progress, please visit http://infinityforgotten.blogspot.com/

Welcome to Knights of Darkness!

Knights of Darkness, affectionately known by its players as KoD, is a Multi User Dimension (MUD) game based around the universe of Star Wars.  It's a text-based science-fiction roleplaying adventure, full of interesting points and entirely unlimited by the constraints of graphics engines!  Within the world of Knights of Darkness, you can create your own character and immerse yourself in the Star Wars Universe - anything from a Bounty Hunter to a Jedi Knight to a Smuggler to even a Diplomat can be placed entirely under your control, and you can literally do nearly anything you like with it!  THAT is the beauty of roleplaying games such as this!

Aside from the benefits of other Roleplaying games, however, Knights of Darkness has its own unique perks.  As the second oldest Star Wars MUD still running today, and the MUD with the single longest uninterrupted period of activity, having never been down for any significant length of time since its foundation in 1999, Knights of Darkness offers a stable and nearly bug-free environment, coupled with an active and well-established player base and immortal staff who truly care about the MUD and the people who play it.  Along with a large and more or less unique world to play in, you'll be greeted when you enter by welcoming players who are more than interested in making your MUD experience as enjoyable as possible.  Additionally, there are certain players who bear the title "Mortal HelpStaff" - these, among others, exist specifically to aid you in getting used to playing, and to answer any questions you have, so please don't hesitate to seek them out!

Here at Knights of Darkness, we also have the unique innovation of a  roleplaying points system as a reward for active roleplayers in the mud.  While it is possible to play at Knights of Darkness without roleplaying, the experience is certainly made much more enjoyable by participation in the various roleplays that take place on the mud, ranging from small individual to large-scale multi-part roleplays, carried out both online and within our Forum.  Those who do participate will be rewarded with RP Points, which can be traded in for various items and benefits.  For more information on roleplay and RP Points, click on Roleplaying in the menu to the left.

If this is your first time playing a MUD, or playing a Star Wars MUD in particular, click About MUDs.  To connect to Knights of Darkness, you will need a MUD client - several of those are available on the Resources page.  Once you have a client, simply connect to mud.infinityforgotten.com on port 5555

Thank you for visiting Knights of Darkness, we're glad you've decided to give us a try!  We hope you enjoy your stay - any questions can be sent to [email protected], or PM Shadowcat or any of the moderators within the forum, and we'll be happy to answer as quickly as possible!
Posted by: Shadowcat, April 14, 2013, 06:38:31 pm
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Essentially, KoD is getting a full reboot. Going forward, the new game will be known as Star Wars: Infinity Forgotten. This will be a ...
Essentially, KoD is getting a full reboot. Going forward, the new game will be known as Star Wars: Infinity Forgotten. This will be a while in development, because a lot is going to change... in the mean time, those of you still interested in playing the current KoD can continue to log in at the existing address and port.

To read the full announcement, and keep up with future developments of SWIF, check here: http://infinityforgotten.blogspot.com/
Posted by: Shadowcat, October 30, 2012, 01:31:48 am
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Board: News
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So it's been a while since KoD's gotten any really significant updates, and I've got some really big stuff put together over here. I'm putting ...
So it's been a while since KoD's gotten any really significant updates, and I've got some really big stuff put together over here. I'm putting the finishing touches on it and doing as much testing as I can, but I wanted to get the word out so everyone knows what's about to come.

A lot of the changes I'm about to put in have more impact on builders for the moment than players, but I think it's important that the players know what new capabilities the builders are going to have, as well as what future plans we have to make use of them. The following is non-conclusive list of the changes you can expect soon:

Changes that will be instantly noticable by the players:
  • RP rooms - There are some new rooms that will be placed around the game - mainly, on Coruscant and near or in every clan HQ, for the time being - which will be designated as RP rooms. These rooms are instanced, meaning if you enter one and someone else enters one, you can choose to be in the same place or to be in different places. Upon entry you get a menu with the options to enter any other running instance, or to create your own. What this means for you is that you will have a nice, private, and secluded place to RP that's still easily accessible - and more importantly, you will be able to edit the name and description of the room any way you want, without impacting anyone else's RP. So, if you want to have an RP that's set on a planet we don't have in the game, but want to have the right ambiance in your room for it, just go into the RP room and write your own description.
  • State saving for areas, ships, and quests - That's right, you'll never have to worry about a copyover messing with you again. In space? No problem, a copyover will respawn you right where you were, and heading the same direction too. In hyperspace? You'll respawn with the exact same distance left to travel and come out of it just fine. Questing? Not to worry - the questmaster won't be forgetting your quest anymore! The quest will carry over and you'll be able to complete it just fine. You also needn't worry about anything you've dropped, or any guards you've summoned, disappearing after the copyover, as they'll hold through as well.
  • Mob deaths are not permanent - If you die to a mob, no matter what level you are, you'll be given a free clone. This death is OOC, so starting when this change goes in, if you die from a mob, you are absolutely free to return to your corpse and loot it. You lose nothing except whatever you have on you, and if you retrieve it, not even that. This will enable us to make much more engaging content by putting mobs in the game that are truly challenging to fight, without people absolutely avoiding them for fear of losing their characters. Sunnings follow the same rules, since the vast majority are accidents from players who aren't familiar enough with piloting yet. Starting with this change, you will only have to worry about losing your character if you are killed by another player. (Note that dying to a mob doesn't give you any insurance against a future player kill - you are given a free clone that is instantly used, and whatever clone you last made manually will remain the one that is used if you are PKed.)
  • Surnames - You'll now be able to set a surname the same way you set your prename, so you can now be Kaeri D'arol instead of just Kaeri, and will no longer need to make characters named a last name in order to have a last name.
  • Unicode support - If your client supports it, KoD does too. That means you can have names like Ávádö. This comes with a config option - config unicode, which, when disabled, will transform that name into Avado. Similarly, you'll be able to interact with that person using any variant of the word Avado - with or without accents.
  • AFK messages - When going AFK, you'll be able to set a message so that when people send you a tell, the auto-reply will be able to tell them why you left, where you're at, when you expect to return - anything you feel like sharing. The message is entirely optional so you don't have to set it.
  • Some other small fixes and improvements - This includes fixing the disappearing auction channel bug, the crash when using the changes command, steal not granting experience, "mode offensive" not increasing damage in ships, and a few other miscellaneous things.
  • No more automatic clan funds. - I know, most of you probably won't like this, but this is the main reason that the credit is worth nothing in KoD. Clan funds will not be reduced (at least not for the moment) so your paychecks won't be affected, but pop support will no longer grant you money. This is phase 1 of a multi-phase plan to make both pop support and credits more valuable - future phases include:
    - Guarded clan embassies on every planet, which will be loyal to whichever clan owns the planet. Each type of clan will have an embassy, giving every planet five embassies.
    - A return to a fixed version of the broken risk-like war system that was removed, with bonuses to your troops based on your pop support.
    - Mob ships and defensive platforms orbiting every planet that will automatically attack any enemy clan who enters the system, if you are "in conflict" with them.
    - The ability for all types of clans to declare conflict with all other types of clans. A "conflict" is different from a war in that there are no troops involved, but the declaration of conflict causes your guards and ships to become hostile toward members of the enemy clan.
    - Some non-mob ships (transports, capitals, and so on) that belong to specific planets, whose ownership will transfer to whoever owns that planet
    - Limits on the number of guards you can post and mob ships you can call (once the leader prestiges are in) based on your total pop support.
Building changes, which won't immediately be usable by players but will open doors to much improved building, and ultimately a better game

  • Instancing - I mentioned this with the RP rooms, but it goes beyond them. Instancing will eventually be used to create high-level instanced dungeons to give us better end-game content
  • Variables - It's now possible for builders to store information in variables, either on the world, on an object, on a room, or on a character (whether a mob or a PC). This will open the door to more complex mudprogs and quests, mobs, objects, rooms, etc, that vary based on player actions.
  • Real quests - Not the kind that our so-called "Questmaster" gives out now, but real quests, complete with a quest tracker and a conversation system. There will be a small quest put into the game when this comes in to demonstrate its capabilities, but the first large-scale deployment of this will be a reimagining of the newbie academy in a way that encourages newbies to actually learn and try things - for example, an engineering quest may require the player to create a bag (using free materials) to continue, and also grant the newbie credits and engineering experience once they finish.

    These quests will eventually be the main way to level up in KoD. Rather than spamming engineering skills over and over, leveling an engineer will mean completing engineering-related quests. Hopefully this will be a much more entertaining way to level; eventually this will be the only way to gain this experience. Additionally, the rate of experience gain will be slowed, to help increase our player base by giving you all a lot more fun content to play.
  • Random loot drops, chests, and random finds in rooms - This will allow us to add more content to play by giving people a reason to explore and fight: to look for high-value treasures. Along with this comes...
  • Valued items - Items will now be given a value: either junk, common, uncommon, rare, very rare, or ultra rare. This will be color coded, allowing you to guess how valuable an item is by looking at it, and will also come with a tweak to the autoloot config - it will be possible to set your autoloot setting to only loot items of a certain value or higher, so you can safely turn it on without worrying about your inventory filling up with complete junk. Additionally, this also comes with...
  • Transferring affects of ALL materials to ALL crafted items. - This probably sounds like something that should be in the other category, but it's not because there really isn't anything out there with affects to transfer. With a little building work, it'll be possible to get a superconductor that adds +2 DR to your blaster, or a circuit that adds -10 evade, or what have you.
  • Randomized gold drops - Mobs will be capable of having a randomized amount of gold on them, rather than always dropping the same amount.
  • Better HP calculations - The HP calculations have been tweaked to allow finer control over the HP of a mob.
  • Massive mprog improvements - In addition to variables, there have been numerous improvements to mprogs in general. They are now capable of handling mathematics operations, and ifchecks are now capable of using boolean operators to check multiple items at once. This will help us write our programs more efficiently and accomplished more advanced tasks with them. There are also some new ifchecks and mob commands, which I'll get into in more detail when the change goes in.
Behind the scenes improvements to the code:
  • Better C++ conformance - KoD was originally written in C and then partially converted to C++, but it still followed a lot of C conventions. I've put in several changes that shift it more toward C++ conventions (though there are still many things left that conform more to C)
  • New build system - KoD has been switched to a new, much more efficient build system, which I wrote for another project after getting frustrated with the GNU make toolchain. The switch from make to the new system reduced the compile time for the entire mud from 2:30 on my system to 0:13 on the same system.
  • New compiler - KoD has also been switched over from g++ to the clang compiler, which is much more efficient in terms of both speed and memory. This further reduced the compile time to 0:07 to do a clean build from scratch. What this means for you is faster iteration time for the coders, which means new code gets written faster, and thus gets passed on to you faster. Additionally, Clang's reporting of issues with the code is far better than g++'s, shows a lot more information, and catches situations that g++ doesn't, which means the code that gets put out is less likely to have bugs (slightly... this doesn't mean they won't exist of course. ;)) Clang is also known to produce faster code in some situations (though it produces slower code in other situations), so KoD may or may not see a performance improvement from the switch.
As I said, not all of this is fully ready to come over yet - I'm still working on some finishing touches. But the vast majority of this is already complete. I'm hoping to have everything finished by Wednesday, and spend some time on the test port with it (anyone willing to volunteer to test it is more than welcome!), and then bring it over to main port on Friday or Saturday.

Once all of this is done, I will be beginning an effort to remake our world in a more logical fashion, focusing on giving players a solid, easily recognizable leveling path, and a good set of quests to use for leveling up, which will hopefully provide weeks of gameplay rather than the current 2 hours of gameplay before the game is over.
We may also re-visit an RP-based leveling system once the leveling curve is slowed down - not to replace the leveling curve, but to augment it, so that sitting down to RP will offer a way to gain experience faster, rather than being a distraction from leveling that slows the process down.

Overall, this is an exciting time for KoD, and I look forward to bringing you a better, much more engaging game in the future!

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 TheMajinOne: we need an app lmao

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 Hagork: I still come here to steal names for other games

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